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Who We Are

LIG & Company (LIG & Co.) stands as a global alternative investment management firm overseeing assets spanning diverse sectors, including private equity, hedge funds, healthcare, real estate, and financial services.

What sets us apart is our integrated business approach, a feature we believe distinguishes us in the realm of alternative investment management. Our investment philosophy is reflected in the strategic deployment of capital throughout the balance sheets of industry-leading enterprises. This enables us to generate value for our investors consistently across economic cycles. Collaboration among our investment professionals is integral, fostering the exchange of information and insights across various disciplines such as market trends, management, banking, and potential investment opportunities. This synergy contributes to our comprehensive industry knowledge, allowing successful investment across a company's capital structure.

The firm's integrated platform, coupled with the expertise of our investment team, has proven instrumental in delivering robust long-term investment performance across diverse economic cycles.

Our investment strategy revolves around a value-oriented approach, concentrating on industries where our knowledge is substantial. We prioritize downside protection and capital preservation. Notably contrarian, our investment approach involves venturing into industries often avoided by competitors, engaging in intricate structures for certain investments, navigating periods of economic uncertainty, and showing a proclivity for sole-sponsored transactions. We are unafraid to tackle transactions with significant business, regulatory, or legal complexities.

Since its inception, LIG has effectively applied this investment philosophy, allowing us to discern attractive investment opportunities, deploy capital judiciously across industry leaders' balance sheets, and consistently create value for our investors across economic cycles.

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