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At LIG & Co., our continuous pursuit is to attract and retain top-tier professionals across a diverse spectrum of disciplines. Our workforce plays a pivotal role in shaping the firm's identity, fostering a culture characterized by integrity, professionalism, and excellence. We value and cultivate independent thinking, acknowledging and rewarding initiative, while also providing resources to facilitate the ongoing professional growth of our employees. Leveraging our esteemed business platform and brand reputation, we offer an unparalleled launch pad for advancing your career.

Our greatest asset is our people – adept problem solvers who view challenges as opportunities for growth. LIG & Co. offers a myriad of work experiences, learning opportunities, and diverse career paths. The firm's entrepreneurial ethos, coupled with the unique passions and backgrounds of individual team members, fosters a dynamic and creative environment.


LIG & Co. is actively seeking to recruit professionals into our Investment and Corporate businesses. Each business line provides distinctive opportunities for the development and growth of new talent.

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