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Private Equity

LIG & Co. ventures into a diverse array of global industries, engaging with both established and growth-oriented enterprises. As a catalyst for companies in realizing their growth potential, we excel in identifying exceptional businesses and elevating their performance through the infusion of patient capital and operational support for robust management teams. Our distinctive approach empowers portfolio companies to expand core operations, embark on new initiatives, execute transformative acquisitions, and modernize technologies and systems in alignment with their long-term strategies.

Our commitment involves fortifying the companies we invest in through a meticulous bottom-up strategy of transformation. Essential to this process is leveraging the expertise of our Private Equity Group, providing strategic guidance across various operational domains, such as revenue growth, procurement, leadership development, lean processes, IT optimization, and energy sustainability. Through this holistic approach, we aim to not only invest in companies but to actively contribute to their strength and resilience in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Driving Transformational Change

Our focus is on creating substantial value through strategic investments in exceptional businesses. By leveraging our capital, strategic insights, global relationships, and operational expertise, we aim to catalyze transformative changes that unlock the full potential of the companies we invest in. Beyond benefiting our investors, these enhancements in growth and global competitiveness positively impact workers, communities, and other stakeholders. As patient investors, we embrace the long view, dedicated to achieving optimal long-term outcomes for both our businesses and investors.

Thorough Due Diligence

Central to our investment approach is a rigorous due diligence process that meticulously assesses risks while pinpointing catalysts for increased value. We intentionally engage only in amicable transactions and collaborate with talented management teams to achieve transformative results. Our specialized PE Operations Group plays a crucial role in maximizing value by enhancing processes across various facets of a business's operations.

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